Our Mission is to design websites for small businesses that Google loves because they are simple, interesting and easy to navigate.

Before you hire someone to do a job for you, don't you want to know something about them? I know we do. So let us tell you a bit about us. Your Web Monster is really a daughter and mother team. The daughter is Tiffany Reichard. The mother is Barbara Luehring.

Barbara Luehring office manager of Your Web MonsterBarbara has developed and run various businesses for over 40 years. She bought her first computer and developed her first computerized estimating system almost 30 years ago. About 15 years ago she built her first website. At that time the web was very new and SEO did not exist. My how times have changed! About seven years ago she took a course in search engine optimization. She took what she learned and applied it to the website that she had built for the company in which she was a partner. Over the next few years as the company grew she discovered that she could not keep up with the daily demands of the company and the almost daily demands of updating and re-optimizing the website. So she called on her daughter, Tiffany, for help.

Tiffany Reichard, Owner of Your Web MonsterTiffany, who is very hard-working, conscientious and super organized, discovered that the website optimization plan that Barbara had applied to the website was way out of date. Virtually everything that Barbara had learned about optimization had changed during the preceding years. Undaunted, Tiffany re-optimized the whole site (over 200 pages). She was also kept busy adding new videos to the site on a weekly basis. The results were impressive. Tiffany started getting requests from other people to do their websites and so she started Your Web Monster. After a few months Tiffany found herself working about 80 hours a week building and optimizing websites. Knowing that this pace was not sustainable, she asked her mother, who had recently retired, to jump in and help out. And so was born the partnership in Your Web Monster of Tiffany Reichard and Barbara Luehring

Our aim is to create Your Web monster as a sustainable business by making all the businesses we deal with sustainable. We will only take on clients who are committed to the highest quality in both work and service. Over the past year we have been able to develop a network of highly qualified local businesses. Because we give each of our clients personal service every month, we are limited as to the number of new clients that we can take on. This may not be the perfect business model for making us rich. But it is the perfect model for us. Because we work with a select group we have the time necessary to make sure that every website is updated and optimized every month. This means that our clients are showing up on the first page of Google.

View our Portfolio and see all of the clients in the "Your Web Monster network". We encourage you to go to their websites and to call them. You can ask them about their experience with Your Web Monster. And if you see a product or service that you need, we guarantee that if you use someone from the" Your Web Monster network", you will be delighted. Contact us for a free consultation

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Fishing Store with Bait, Tackle
and Charters in Sarasota, Florida
Boat Towers and T-Tops
Custom in Sarasota, Florida
Stone Carvings and Sculptures
Hand Carved in Sarasota, Florida
Fish Aquarium or Tanks Installed
and Maintained in Sarasota, Florida
Aquatic Physical Therapy for Back
and Neck Pain in Sarasota, FL
Boat Rentals in Englewood, Florida
from Neptune Boat Rentals
Bookkeeping and Taxes by Cypress
Bay Accounting in North Port, FL
Home Pet Sitting for Dogs, Cats,
Birds, and more in Sarasota, Florida
16 Hands Horse Sanctuary Episcopal Church in Sarasota, FL Bronze Dance Sculptures Termite and Pest Control Sarasota, FL
Natural Energy with
Protandim in Sarasota, FL
Cleaning or Restoration Service for Water
and Mold Damage in Bradenton, FL
Pool Service and Maintenance
in Sarasota, Florida
Acupuncture and Holistic
Medicine in Sarasota, Florida
Outdoor Landscape and Pool Lighting
in Sarasota or Bradenton, FL
Private School for Middle and High
School Students in Sarasota, FL
Tree Service and Landscape
Maintenance in Sarasota, FL
Mixed Media Sculptures with Stone,
Bronze, and Wood in Sarasota, FL
Therapist, Homeopathic Educator and
Healer of Mind and Soul in Sarasota, FL
A'Tu Jewelry and Clothing
Outlet in Sarasota, Florida
Aqua Comb is a Pool Filter Cleaner
and Dog or Horse Cleaning Tool
Natural Bug Repellent and Killer of
Bed Bugs to Head Lice in Sarasota, FL