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On each FAQ answer page you will find a simple answer to a question. Some explanations are a bit long, but all have been written so that a layman or laywoman can understand. Here we are answering the question: What is the process of building a new website?

Building your first website

The process actually starts before the website itself is even built. Before we do anything, we need to do some research. What are the words that people use to search for the services or products that the site offers? The answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem. Words that you think everybody would use to find your site may in fact be used very rarely. There may be some words or phrases that every site in your category is using. There may be hundreds of sites that have been around for years with thousands of links that are targeting these same words. Starting off with a new site, you are not going to have a chance to compete for these terms. We have a whole article on keywords so I will not go into it further for this article. Only after we have determined the four or five most important keyword phrases that you want us to target, do we begin designing the pages.

What's in a name?

The first decision that has to be made about the site is its name. If possible, we like the name of the website to be an exact description of the main product that the company sells. It does not need to be the name of the company. For example a family-owned business might be called Smith's yacht sales. However, if the business included boat rentals as well as selling various types of boats, their website might be called www. boatsalesboatrentals.com. By having the name of exactly what they do in the name of the website, they have a greater chance of showing up on Google's first page. But that is just the beginning.

The process of picking a name is twofold. First we determine the major product or service that the company is giving. Then we do our keyword research and find out which words best describe the product, have the highest search rate, and have the least competition. Then we make up a name and check to see if it already exists. If it does, we pick a second name. And so on until we find a name that we can register. It is not the end of the world if we have to start with a name that has already been registered and the website is poorly designed. But it does make the whole process more difficult, and if we use a new and better domain name, then we can simply redirect your current website domain to the new website domain, so no need to change business cards or information.

Design Objectives

After we have the name of the website we can begin designing the pages on the website. A website should have a minimum of five pages. Each page should be designed to promote a specific product. This means the design and content on the page target a specific keyword phrase that describes the product or service being promoted. The page title should also target that same phrase. The images on the page should be images of that specific product and should be titled with something called "alt text" that describes the specific product.

Every website should contain words to describe the products, images of the products and videos that show the products in action. When Google produces its search results it often shows a combination of websites, images and videos. Since most websites do not have videos that are well optimized, this is the easiest way to get on the first page of Google. There is a lot of "optimization" that goes into a video, and if you become a Web Monster client, I will share this with you.

The Network

After the website is built we have to test the "user friendly navigation" of the whole site. This is usually done by the person that did not build the site, so that it is viewed with a new set of eyes. We need to confirm that it is simple for anyone to use; that each page is clear and easy to read; that the information the person is looking for on that page is obvious; that if more information is needed, it is only a click away; that all the links work; and that there are no errors in the code.

Meanwhile, we build a network for that website. We use this network to post blogs, photos and videos which generate links back to the site. The network that we have designed is based on generating links to the website from highly rated websites. Become a Web Monster client today to learn more. We have done a lot of testing to see which sites that we link to will give the best results. We have discovered that it is not a question of quantity, but quality.

Letting the search engines know what we have done

After the website is built and all the links are checked, the next step is to get the site registered on Google and Bing and Yahoo (Bing and Yahoo have recently merged their webmaster tools). This involves verifying the site by inserting a special code that is generated by the search engine and then placed into the home page of the website. (You can't see it, but the search engines can.) We also build a site map of the site and submit that to the search engines. This process basically informs the search engines you exist and how your site is laid out. This is also where I can tell them every time your website is updated, so the search engine bots will come back and keep crawling your site to index the new content.

After the site is verified we begin posting images, information and videos in the network we built. This is the beginning of the "monthly link building" process. Its success is highly dependent on the information, images and/or videos that you give us. And then we monitor the results and proceed based on constant research of statistics each month from your website. (Please see our article on "Realistic Expectations" which describes why websites are not seen immediately after being submitted to Google.)

And the process continues

Once we have finished building the site, and submitting it to the search engines, we continue with the optimization process. Ideally, every month we will be provided new pictures and/or new videos, plus new information from you about existing products (info needs to only be a few sentences and can be achieved with a 5 minute phone call from us or a quick email reply each month). We can then begin a very carefully tailored campaign targeting one or two longtail keywords a month. Each "longtail keyword" otherwise known as a "keyword phrase" must be targeted using our monthly link building plan. Become a Web Monster client today to learn more about how this works. Every time we create a new page, we have to go back into the major search engines and submit a new site map to notify them that we have put up a new page which needs to be indexed.

Using a GOLD plan for monthly link building to target a keyword phrase, we usually see results within 1 to 2 months for that keyword phrase. The more pages we can produce targeting a specific keyword phrase, or an iteration of the same, the faster the page will show up. But it is extremely rare for this process to take less than one month. And our clients should plan on a 2 to 3 months wait from the time a keyword phrase is targeted until it shows up (time depends on what link building plan you choose). The other aspect depends on the competition for that keyword phrase, which is why we take the time to do the research, so we can achieve the ultimate goal as efficiently as possible.

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