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On each FAQ answer page you will find a simple answer to a question. Some explanations are a bit long, but all have been written so that a layman or laywoman can understand. Here we are answering the question: What are realistic expectations for a new website?

What are realistic expectations for a new website?

Every new client we get has expectations as to how their website is going to work for them. Usually these expectations are just slightly or even more than just slightly, unreasonable. So that your expectations will be realistic, we would like to give you an idea of part of what we do to target keyword phrases. Let's start with what we're up against.

Just to give you an idea of how big Google is, I went to the Google blog and found the following fact:"we saw a trillion unique URLs, and the number of individual web pages out there is growing by several billion pages per day." Did you see that? Several billion new web pages every day. It really is mind boggling. Luckily we are not competing against every single website. But it still means that the first step we need to take before we even build a website is to look at the competition. This means we do a "keyword analysis". The keyword analysis involves two separate studies. First we look at how many people are actually searching using a specific search term every day. For example you might think that someone is looking for "fishing store" when in fact "fishing shop" is searched twice as much every day. Once we have narrowed down the list of search terms, we then need to look at the competition for each of these terms. Some terms are highly competitive, meaning that a lot of different websites are competing for specific terms. So we look for a term that a lot of people search for but not a lot of sites are competing for. This is where we start

Once we have determined a list of two or three keyword phrases, that fit the criteria, (both in terms of the number of daily searches and the competition) we begin to design the website. Each page is designed with a specific search term or 'keyword phrase' in mind. We also keep Google in mind. We start by titling the page and description (meta tags) using the search term. When Google comes to look, this is what it is looking for: If the content on the page reflects both the title of the page, the description of the page, and all the pictures on the page representing the keyword phrase targeted, then Google believes that the page is about that search term, and will index it accordingly. So when we're designing a page all of this has to be taken into consideration from the beginning. It is also one of the reasons that we keep our page design very simple. It is designed to be simple for the user when he finds the page and it is designed to be simple for Google to see exactly what is on the page. We avoid "keyword stuffing" because Google is getting better and better at sniffing that out.

After we've done the keyword research and designed and built the web pages using that keyword research, we aren't finished. We then have to upload the website and have it verified in Google. We also have to generate what is called a site map, which is code that explains to Google all the pages contained in your site (this is updated every time a new page is added). We also upload a special page to tell all the search engines how we want to search. Google has tools to verify the site is without errors and is clean. Finally, we have to wait for Google to "index" our pages (via the sitemap). Since people are posting billions of pages today, you can understand why this might take up to a month.

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