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On each FAQ answer page you will find a simple answer to a question. Some explanations are a bit long, but all have been written so that a layman or laywoman can understand. Here we are answering the question: Why am I showing up and then not showing up in Google?

Why am I showing up and then not showing up in Google?

The simple answer is: no one knows. Let me give you an example from a website that Tiffany and I have been optimizing with great success for years. In the last two years, since Tiffany took over the optimization, the number of daily visitors has increased from single digits to over 300 new visitors per day. But even with all the work that Tiffany did, and that included weekly videos, photos, blogs, etc. according to Google the average position of www. LucasLagoons.com was 31. What does that mean? It means that Lucas Lagoons showed up a lot on the first page—a whole lot—but sometimes it did not show up at all.

The words "lagoon pool" and "lagoon pools" had an average position of 38 and 42 which proves the same point. These are bread and butter words for Lucas Lagoons. All our research shows that they are beautifully optimized, and yet sometimes they do not show up.

Sometimes we will get a call from a client saying that they have checked in Google search for a particular keyword phrase and found that it did not show up on Google's first page. This may be true for the particular search that they did, at the particular time they did it, on the particular computer that they used; because, believe it or not, Google uses a whole lot of different parameters to decide what to serve up to each user.

Let me give you some examples of what we mean. Google knows where you are or rather where your computer is when you type in a search term. It will take that into consideration even when you do not specify a particular location in your search term. Google also knows what you've been searching for in the past. It will take that into consideration when it delivers the new results. Google knows who your friends are and what they like. It will take that into consideration when serving up your latest results. Google knows your likes and dislikes and will consider this as well. That is why two people searching for exactly the same thing, using exactly the same search terms, can get very different results.

All of these variables are used by Google in addition to the age of the site, the number of pages, type of content on the pages, the number of internal links, the number of external links, the amount of engagement by users, bounce rate, and many more factors to determine when and where the page shows up. The page can appear, disappear and reappear on the first page of Google for no explicable reason. Where it appears on the page will change continuously. And then of course there is the ongoing reality that Google changes its algorithm almost monthly. Major changes are made at least twice a year.

All of which means that all we can do is stay informed of Google's progression and do the best job we possibly can to optimize your site in an ongoing manner. As we have said over and over again, if the content on your site is interesting, and we are constantly updating that information, and incoming links are being built, and you have video and images, you will get found.

There also seems to be a cumulative effect. Looking again at the website that we have been developing for years, the first couple of years the number of visitors coming to the site was relatively low and then it started to grow. Growth was slow at first. Going from 15 visitors a day to 50 visitors a day seemed to take forever the growth from 50 to 100 visitors a day still took time, but less time. The growth from 100 to 300 visitors a day has happened in a matter of months.

The bottom line is that we can say that we have developed a process which seems to work. The websites that we design and optimize our being found. We are also committed to continuously researching what else we can do to make Google happy. We also know that no matter what we do, real results will take time to achieve. And these results are going to vary continuously. Contact Your Web Monster today for more information how we can help get you on the first page of Google.

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